Hungarian Studies Bulletin magyarul

Hungarian Studies Bulletin (1979-)

(Hungarológiai Értesítő)

Quarterly bulletin. Founded in 1979, the journal publishes yearly bibliographical material on Hungarian literary history, linguistics and ethnography and also reviews scholarly works in these disciplines.

In addition to publishing 300-400 book reviews each year, the journal also carries other news concerning Hungarian studies. It introduces creative and teaching workshops, provides accounts of scholarly conferences, offers an insight into the organizational life of the Association and, to promote the development of individual personal contacts, it also publishes a complete list of members each year.

Editorial Committee: Mihály Ilia, László Kósa, György Szépe

First editor: Béládi Miklós

Editor-in-Chief: József Jankovics (1982-1989), Monok István (1989-)

Summary of the Hungarian Studies Bulletin from 1989

Editorial address: Budapest, I., Országház u. 30. I/41.

Postal address: H-1250 Budapest, Pf. 34.

Orders or subscriptions should be sent either to the editorial address or to the International Association of Hungarian Studies.
Members of the International Association of Hungarian Studies receive complementary copies of the Hungarológiai Értestõ.


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